The painter began his work on August 1. He’s great. His name is Alex, no more than 100 pounds and 3 inches thick, wooden nails through his ears, nose ring. He’s an artist. We are very lucky to have him doing the entire project. I am completely serious.

We all had high hopes that he would be done with the bedrooms by the time we returned from a week’s adventure in the Olympic National Forest ( pictures of that amazing trip will be posted throughout the week!), but our Wabi Sabi house needs lots of tender, loving care before paint can be applied, so… he spent the entire week repairing and sanding. He’ll begin painting on Monday. Hopefully he is done by Friday because we have visitors arriving at the end of the week.

Ant and I actually agreed on a sofa, it arrives tomorrow. And the window treatments for the living room, dining room, and “office,” will be installed on Monday. The runner for the staircase has been ordered, but hasn’t been installed yet. I believe, I pray, the house will be done (for now) by the end of August. We still need to agree upon dining room chairs…

BTW- It’s official. We are now Washingtonians. Yikes!!!



4 thoughts on “Weary…

  1. Sharon says:

    They look like mug shots! šŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the final result at your house. Glad you had a nice vacation.

  2. Pearl Chow says:

    Oh my goodness! You guys really have settled in now! It’s amazing how much stuff you’ve gotten done with the house. We’ve been back in our house for over 7 years now and still haven’t figured out window treatments.

    • Thanks for always making me feel better. I have nothing to complain about- two months is nothing, actually. We’re leaving the kitchen as is- that room has been our sanctuary. I can’t believe you and the children will be back next week. This summer has flown by. Give Hannah big hugs for me everyday. Love you. Miss you.

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