Room by Room- Part Two

Here are the top floor pics. I have some before pictures to throw in. They’re more mid-process. We started tearing off shelves, cabinets, rugs, mirrors, etc. soon after we got the keys to the house.


Stairwell cleared of wallpaper and moving walls fixed.

Before pic.

Before pic.

Hallway. We removed some of the wood detailing on the walls and painted the dark wood molding the same color as we painted the walls. We kind of regret not removing all the wood detailing from the stairwell walls. I don’t think those details are original.


Before pic.- There was a mirror attached to the wall here.


Before pic.- Removed middle trim and painted the top molding to create a cleaner look.



Hall bathroom. I had plans for this room. New sink and tile in the bath/shower. I really want those small, hexagonal tiles for the floor, white with a few black here and there and white subway tiles in the shower. But this bathroom wasn’t in the budget, so we just painted it white and removed some lame shelves and a cabinet.

P1020600 P1020680

Master bedroom. It is a combination of the the two back bedrooms. The previous owners removed a wall and added a small bathroom. They also added a large balcony off the bedroom which we fondly refer to as our rooftop bar:)






Before. We removed a large built-in cabinet off this wall. It really made the space feel cramped.


Still need to hang that painting and we want to find a cool bench to put against this wall.


Small master bath added by the previous owners.

Small master bath added by the previous owners.

Guest bedroom. Since the two small back bedrooms were combined to make one master bedroom, we only have one other bedroom on this floor.

P1020606 P1020607

I’m so proud of Anthony’s handy work in the closets. They’re deep, but with such angular ceilings it was hard to figure out how to attach rods to hang our clothes on. The previous owners put these hooks on the ceilings and rested heavy metal pipes in the hooks. You could barely fit a hanger over the top. Ant attached these from the floor. Once dark, full of cracks, and nonfunctioning, these closets are now fantastic and we didn’t have to call California Closets.








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