Room by Room- Part One

A few people have asked me to post pictures of the house. The work we planned to do is now done and the furniture we planned to buy, for the most part, is bought. We still need some end tables in our bedroom and rugs in the dining room area, but I don’t think we’ll be looking for these last details any time soon.

I wish I had more “before” pictures, but I think we were feeling overwhelmed with our purchase and didn’t want to document a very expensive mistake we thought we had made for a moment. I love our house and I am so glad that we we didn’t notice the mash potato walls, cracks and seams in the walls, walls that actually moved when we found the house and made an offer back in February. Boy, were those walls a mess.

We mainly just stripped away as much as we could, revealing the beauty and craftsmanship of this house that was built in 1906.


Welcome to 2337 Broadway East. Entranceway and front door.


Staircase is to the right of the front door.


Entranceway. Our living room is to the left and the other door leads to the kitchen.


We installed a honey-colored sisal on the stairs. We had stripped off the off-white thick pile rug, revealing some pretty beat up stairs. Carpeting them was the best option, but we opted for the thinnest type we could buy.

Now entering the living room, which I fondly refer to as the “boho room.” Still needs a few more finishing touches to truly channel a  bohemian vibe, but the super soft shag rug makes lounging on the floor heavenly!


Love reading or working on the computer in this corner. We needed to buy all new window treatments for the downstairs.


We didn’t measure before we went shopping for a sofa. I think we only have 13 inches to spare. So close!


I’ve been collecting artwork for quite a few years now. Figuring out which pieces would be best in each room was more challenging than I thought it would be.


The two large entrances have beautifully preserved parlor pocket doors. The dining room is seen through this doorway.


What would a boho room be without floor pillows. I’ve got another one on its way :).


Japanese maple branches stolen from my neighbor’s tree that stretches over the back wall. I love how that color pops against the shades of grey.

Through the doorway to the dining room and the small room attached to the dining room.


We’ve been lusting after this Saarinen table by Knoll for a few years now. It was our big splurge and that 400 pound slab of marble is going to still look fabulous long after we’re gone.


Doorway to the sitting room off the kitchen.


We decided on black wood blinds for the four tall windows in the dining room.


One of the things that sold us on this house, besides the view, was the original molding in the living room and dining room. The trend right now is to paint the molding. We are so glad the previous owners didn’t follow that trend THe wood just needed a good cleaning with hot, hot water, vinegar, and a little bit of Murphy’s oil. Of course there are some nicks and worn wood, but overall it still looks beautiful.


I decided to display all of our California landscape artwork in the dining room. It’s our nostalgic “California room.”


This small room might change its use, but right now we have a couch Ant bought for his Seattle apartment when he moved up last October. The cabinet is original, matching the wood and style of the molding.

Entering the kitchen, where we practically lived for the months that the rest of the house was being worked on. Thank God we didn’t touch the kitchen! It is still a favorite hangout.


Longview of the kitchen and extra sitting room.


Ant has plans for the kitchen, but I don’t think we’ll do anything soon. It is a very functional kitchen with LOTS of storage. We have empty drawers and shelves- and plan to keep it that way.


We got the stools when Ant moved up here in October. We got the table at Room and Board. It’s another marble piece, but this marble isn’t sealed. Yikes! Every drop of food or wine with the least bit of acid leaves its mark. I just have to be ok with it. I am tempted to pour acid all over the surface just to get the patina process over with!


So many beautiful days and nights enjoyed from this corner of the house:)


My coveted green velvet pig pillow!


Looking through the doorway, back out into the entranceway, where the downstairs tour began.

I’ll give you a tour of the upstair rooms tomorrow. This post is already too long…


3 thoughts on “Room by Room- Part One

  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you for sharing with us! Can’t wait to see it in person someday.

    • Would love for you to visit. Maybe you and Rhiannon can do a girls’ weekend before you come up as a whole family. She really wants to visit sooner rather than later:)

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. Pearl says:

    Your house is ginormous! I love the Saarinen table, the cozy eating corner with the incredible view and your velvet piggy pillow : ) Can’t wait to see the upstairs!

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