una del pie del sol


We got a canoe! She’s a beauty! A shade and texture reminiscent of a yellow toenail. So until we have a better name for our boat, I’ll refer to her as “Toenail of the Sun” or (una del pie de sol in Spanish).

It was a spectacular fall weekend- blue skies, 70 degrees, foliage changing to shades of red, orange, and yellow all around us. We took Toenail of the Sun out for her maiden voyage yesterday in Lake Washington. Ant has added a motor so we don’t have to row all of the time. Pretty nice.

P1020499 P1020522 P1020505

We saw turtles, a great blue heron, and a bald eagle perched on a lamppost.

P1020517 P1020516 P1020509


Houses line the shore of Lake Washington. Lucky!


Wading through the lily pads.


We live close to the University of Washington. This is the new Husky football stadium.


You can see Mount Rainier in the distance.

We feel like kids on an unsupervised expedition. The best part about it is we only need to travel a few miles at the most to explore Lake Washington and Lake Union in our canoe.


One thought on “una del pie del sol

  1. Pearl says:

    How fun! You do know I get a vicarious thrill when reading your posts, don’t you? And what a great name for the canoe. Don’t change it! Hope you guys had a nice boat christening with a bottle of champagne!

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