Artwork, Flowers, and Flower Artwork

Van Gogh Museum

What a magical place for Van Gogh lovers. Four floors of his work divided by different periods in his life as an artist. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time. Couldn’t get good pictures without a flash.

  P1020303 P1020304

Botanical Garden

This was a peaceful place to spend a few hours. Most of the plants were in greenhouses. It is already equivalent to a cold winter day in the Bay Area here, and it’s only mid-September.

P1020347 P1020345 P1020346


The walls of the cafe at the botanical garden were covered with this beautiful art installation of a local artist. It is very textural- I think wool felt and yarn.


This plant was for sale. A small tree-like plant grows from the center of this rusty fungi. I wanted to take it home so badly.

P1020373 P1020350

Dutch Botanical Still Life Painting Close-ups- Rijks Museum

P1020465 P1020446 P1020431 P1020452


I was invited to join the team Anthony is working with for dinner. DE KAS is very special. It is a restaurant in a greenhouse. The kitchen decides what will be prepared for that evening according to what is showing best in their greenhouse and surrounding gardens. I was so inspired by this place.


Diners’ bikes lined up outside the restaurant.


These small tree and plant balls were hanging in the reception area. The little olive tree even has clusters of wee olives on it.


Greenhouse off to the left of the reception area. Trellised tomatoes and cantaloupes, peppers and zucchini.


Trellised cantaloupe dimly lit in the greenhouse as we were leaving the restaurant.


More Treasures From Rijks Museum

This museum is huge. The building housing these masterpieces is stunning.

P1020455 P1020434 P1020433P1020451P1020437





One thought on “Artwork, Flowers, and Flower Artwork

  1. quilterlady says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so happy for you getting to see such wonderful wonders. Your pictures are all so clear and beautiful. Your writing is so good. Can you tell I like you a lot? Continue having fun. Will look forward to our next phone conversation. Stay safe. Love you, Mom

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