Crescent Lake

I know it has some time since we returned from our trip to  Olympic National Park, but I want to post some more pictures from the other areas we visited. If you plan to visit us next summer, I would suggest making a trip to the park as well. It is about three hours from our house. You can take your car across on the ferry or drive around the water. It’s a nice drive. And I would suggest trying to get a room or cabin at Crescent Lake Lodge. I think that you may need to reserve almost a year in advance, but it’s worth the advanced planning.

Ah, Lake Crescent. It is a deep, crystal blue lake. The lodge was built probably in the 20’s or 30’s. When you’re there you feel like you’ve been transported to the 1950’s- Frank Sinatra playing through the speakers, children and adults diving off the pier all day long. A simpler time. Easy canoe and kayak rentals right there at the lodge. Great hiking trails. This is a great place for families.




We rented a canoe and stayed out on the lake for five hours.



Having an after dinner drink on the pier.



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