Great Friends + Gluttony = Good Times!

Anthony and I just got back from a trip to Willamette Valley- Oregon’s pinot noir growing country- with our close friends Corey, Doug, and Cindy. The weather was beautiful and it felt so good spending a few days with people who mean so much to us. It was hard to say goodbye.


I LOVE WILDFLOWERS! What I also love about this wine growing region, as compared to Napa is that the valley is used to grow more than just grapes. The wheat fields were absolutely stunning.


A view of the valley from the driveway of the house we rented.


We lounged, we ate, we drank. We rarely left the “compound.”


My girls! We’re out for a lovely country drive.


I insisted we have a picnic, thinking we might find a pastoral spot on some back country road, but it was hard to get the boys excited about the idea enough to leave the house, so we compromised and had the picnic on a grassy knoll on the property. Boys just don’t feel the same about picnics as girls do.

While the girls were out buying some nibbles for the picnic, the boys got it in their heads that they were going to “catch” a hawk. We returned to find them trying to lure a hawk from high above with a chicken leg (from a previous night’s dinner) tied to a long string. Their creation- “meat mouse.” Their strategy- catapult the chicken leg as far from them as possible and slowly reel it back in a cautious, mouse-like scurry. A vulture seemed to show a bit of interest, but that might have just been our wishful thinking when it did a close-ish fly-by. In the end (we’re talking a few hours here), it was decided that the mission was unsuccessful. Hawks are smarter than the boys originally thought.  Doug concluded that the problem was we didn’t have toothpicks so he wasn’t able to add the four legs, therefore the mangled chicken leg didn’t look realistic enough to trick a hawk, vulture, etc.






3 thoughts on “Great Friends + Gluttony = Good Times!

  1. prmcares says:

    Jen- you are so born to do this. Thank you for sharing. PS. This is Cynthia

  2. Pat Tresham says:

    I love your blog, Jen! Perhaps you might want to investigate the possibility of writing a column for a local paper.

  3. Pearl Chow says:

    How fun! Great to see Corey and Doug up in Seattle with you guys. And boys……some of the things they come up with….oh boy!

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