It has been bit of a stressful week working with our wall guys. The workers sent to do the touch up, detail work on our walls were failing miserably and I demanded that they be removed from the job. Not my style. Thank goodness my mother-in-law, Terry, was here visiting. She provided tremendous moral support. Our house is far from ready to host visitors, but she didn’t seem to mind. She helped us get our beds from the basement to the bedrooms (two flights of stairs), assemble the beds, weed the backyard, and, most importantly, get me out of the house for some fun. One of the highlights was visiting the Chihuly gallery and garden. The artist himself was actually there that day- so cool.















We also did some plant shopping at my current favorite place in Seattle, Swanson’s Nursery (thank you, Pearl!) Terry bought me this beautiful purple leaf grapevine that I’ve planted to grow on our back fence. It’s like I having my own Chihuly.













One thought on “Chihuly

  1. Pearl Chow says:

    What gorgeous photos of both the artwork and the backlit grape leaves. The grapevine truly looks like a work of art!

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