On Sunday, our friends, Jeff and Eric, hosted a Pride Parade party. They live in the building Anthony lived in when he first arrived in Seattle back in October. Their apartment looked right out onto the parade. They served belliis, Bloody Marys, and leek bread pudding and we watched the parade six floors up from the windows.

This was our first Pride Parade and we were surprised to see how corporate the whole thing is. It’s hard to imagine that the parade originated as a celebration of your unique self when you have  hundreds Starbuck’s, Microsoft, Amazon employees marching down the street, all wearing the same corporate t-shirts. Thank goodness for the naked cyclists and the leather societies fully displaying their unique selves or else the parade would have been a complete bore. We did meet  another lovely couple who love Champagne, cooking and eating, and traveling to Italy. So we might have some new friends!

Jeff and Eric are fast becoming close friends and Eric’s parents had driven in form Utah for a visit, so we hosted a very small Fourth of July party at our place, even though our house is in no shape to host anything. Parts of our walls are gone and there is wall mud dust everywhere. Our wall guys still have about four more days of work ahead of them. I did my best to clear a dust-free path to the bathroom.

Our place is right in line with the barge on Lake Union that they launch the fireworks from. It’s very exciting!


Families start staking out their places in the morning at Gasworks Park. The fireworks aren’t launched until 10:15 p.m.


The boats are relegated to one side of the lake and they start gathering early in the day too.


The barge.


Amateur fireworks. I don’t know if they’re illegal or not, but there’s no way you would get away with shooting these off in California.




Next year we’ll throw a proper party and would love for you to come. This is a cool place to be on the Fourth of July.


2 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Nancy Bardwell says:

    Hi Jen,

    I have been loving your posts. It is so much fun to see your progress on moving in and the incredible views from your windows. Olive looks like she has had no trouble at all adjusting. Not sure what wall you are knocking our, but I am sure the results will be lovely. Still, wallboard dust gets into everything, so the process is indeed messy.

    Your gardening projects amused me. I well remember my dad and brother getting a pickup load of chicken manure for our garden every year. Glad you did not have to put it in your Prius! A bit steamy, but very effective. We always had the biggest petunias around….

    We finally got to plant three of our trees. Turns out they were in 4 ft. boxes, not 3 ft., so we got a deal on the front end. However, it took a crane to plant them–a bit of a wash as far as cost, but will be better for impatient homeowners eager to block out our new view of the neighbor’s roof.

    I was in New York when Ross was supervising the planting. I had a great time shopping with my sister, but the fall styles were not in yet and the summer things were on sale but more suited to Taylor Swift than to me. Also, it gets cold in Vail at night, so I will need something a bit warmer than a high waisted sundress with a full skirt…….Still, it is always great to be in NYC, especially in the summer. We saw a great African music group in Central Park for Summer Stage. Really entertaining music and the audience was a rainbow of people and kids. We are now in Colorado for a week, then back to PV to finalize cabinets and all the electrical lighting, outlets, etc. Our builder has convinced us that the LEDs will pass inspection even though the formula is not quite right, so no need for fluorescents anywhere but closets and the garage, which is good news.

    Our fourth of July was in Vail, where we were checking out wedding plans. The mountains are beautiful and the outside wedding site is by the creek with aspens. Should be lovely in September, and Evan and Erin did a great job choosing the hotel–very relaxed and comfortable, right on the bike and hiking trails, and family friendly while still serving great food. The fireworks were in the village, but not as impressive as yours. I love your view to the water!

    Also love hearing about your new friends and neighbors. Sounds like all is going well and you are too busy to miss your old digs. Your posts are a terrific way to keep in touch without spending all day on the computer, and the pictures are wonderful. Thanks for blogging!

    Hugs to you and to Anthony.

    Lots of love, Nancy

    • Nancy! It’s always so good to hear from you.
      The wedding is going to be beautiful. You will need to send me pictures of the wedding and your house. In less than six months, you’ll be in your new house. I can’t imagine needing a crane to move trees. Those are some mature trees.
      I wish you would have found something fab for the wedding in New York, such a bummer.
      I miss you!

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